South Carolina’s 1st stick burner jambo pit

Any BBQ Pit Master knows the Jambo Pit is top of the line! We are so excited to unveil South Carolina’s 1st “Stick Burner” Jambo Pit at Melvin’s Legendary Barbecue in Mount Pleasant.

Made in Texas, by Jamie Greer, the Jambo Pit is the Cadillac of all 9ft smokers. When Jamie first started designing and testing the pit, he knew he needed to get the air flow just right. He tested it out using biscuits. You might be thinking why biscuits – because they are cheap and you can see the color change easier. He laid them across about eight inches apart and then fired up the pit. Jamie would check their color and temperature and then move the damper about 1/8″ with every batch. One day he tested the biscuits and each one was within five degrees of each other. He discovered the perfect angle that is now used in all of his pits!

What makes the Jambo Pit better than all the rest? The quality and airflow.

The Jambo Pit is made out of top quality carbon steel. Jamie and his team roll their own steel and weld it in their shop. From your first glance you can see the difference in the quality, workmanship, and consistency. The attention to all the little details makes a huge difference. These pits are crafted with top quality materials and include insulated fire boxes, torque flex axles, chrome wheels, white letter tires, stainless steel hinges, handles and work surfaces. This stick burner not only cooks your food to perfection with a deep smoke flavor, but also will last the long haul.

Reverse smokers, like the Lang, have a flue on the same side as the firebox. Directing the airflow under and then over the meat and then out the flue. The Jambo Pits changed this up by placing the flue on the opposite side of the firebox. This allows the smoke to be distributed evenly over the meat. Another feature that enhances the pit is the double insulated firebox. This allows the pit to retain more heat, decreasing the amount of fire wood that is needed to cook. The Jambo Pit is the best at clean-burning wood to make the meat perfectly “smoky”.

Melvin’s currently has both the Patio Style and the J-5 Smoker Trailer Models pictured above. The Patio Style is used to cook every day at our Mount Pleasant location, while the J-5 Smoker Trailer is perfect for cooking competitions and catering events. The J-5 was built to look similar to a race car with the fire engine red design. These pits are known for their beauty and performance – being the best at cooking authentic all wood fire meat.

As BBQ Super Stars said

“Jambo Pits are the best smokers money can buy. That’s a bold statement, but the results speak for themselves.”

Stop by Melvin’s Legendary Barbecue in Mount Pleasant to see and taste the difference for yourself!

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